3 Cleaning Appliances We Couldn’t Live Without


In this day and age, we are practically surrounded by technology. This means that at some point, we may not even notice anymore that we depend, quite a lot, on all kinds of machines to do our bidding. If you took one moment to think which cleaning appliances you have around you could not live without, which ones will they be? Here is my take on the matter.


The washing machine is the first on my list for the simple fact that I seriously doubt I could wash my clothes and my sheets and do as fine a job as this appliance. It is so convenient to use that we cannot even envision what kind of effort and time was invested by our ancestors in doing something as simple as the laundry. Now you only need to get out of your clothes, after a long day at work, or after a nice game of golf, when you reach home all dirty and sweaty, throw your clothes into the washing machine, pour some detergent into the designated drawer, press some buttons and then you are free to see about your business.


The dishwasher is next on my shortlist because I am the kind of guy that hates doing the dishes. I am yet to discover a person who could honestly say that they like washing dishes. Just like a washing machine for laundry, a dishwasher is a great time saver that I, personally, could not live without. After each meal, all I have to do is to place the dirty dishes inside the machine, choose the program I want and be on my way. What’s not to like about a dishwasher, seriously?

The third item I will include on my list is an electric broom because this is the kind of item I use almost every day, just like the dishwasher and the washing machine. I know very well that there are people who are religious about their vacuuming habits, but I’m more flexible. I prefer to be able to get to clean right away, as soon as some mishap occurs. An electric broom is everything I need, and I prefer this kind of thing to a full-fledge vacuum cleaner. It is easier to store, it is simpler to use, and I find it more versatile when it comes to reaching more difficult places, like under furniture and around corners.


Cleaning every day may not sound like such a great idea, but if you take care of cleaning on the go, as I say, things are pretty easy. That is why I make so much use of all the appliances I have around. They just make my life easier, and I could not live without them.