I love golf, and it is my favorite sport because it allows me to socialize and spend a lot of time with my friends, enjoying some physical activity in the process. However, just like any other guy who took up golfing at some point, it was not always like this.


It was my best friend, Mike, who got me into golfing. Frankly, before he taught me into liking golf, I thought his passion to be kind of meaningless. Of course, as you can easily imagine, I was much younger at that time, and I did not care as much about staying in shape as I do now.


The interesting thing was that I had no idea that there are so many golf courses in Wyoming. There are quite a lot, actually, and right now, if my numbers are right, there are about 70 spread all over the state. Anyways, as I was saying, Mike convinced me one day to go along and hit the golf course with him. The weather was perfect for golfing, my friend lets me know, and that was when I first held a golf club in my hand.


Mike was continuously giving me advice, which got a little on my nerves since I thought: “How hard can it be to hit a ball with a stick?” So I stretched and swung, and … I missed. I was actually at the golf course that day with a group of friends, and, needless to say, they didn’t spare me at all. I was mortified to discover that once I hit the ball, it went sideways, somewhere very far from the trajectory I was envisioning for it.


So, my natural stubbornness came into play, but also I had to start listening to Mike’s well-intended advice. When I landed the first hit, and I sent the ball across the field, I felt like an absolute winner. As you can easily imagine, I was no Tiger Woods, but it still felt good. From that day onward, I began being the one trying to drag my friends to the golf course as often as I could. To his day, I am thankful I decided to join my friends that day, and I discovered the pleasure of playing golf.

Here is a little something I learned that might help you, as well. Before I decided to purchase my first set of golf clubs, I preferred renting from the ranges and try different combinations. When I got to the point that I decided that I needed my clubs, I was already accustomed with the equipment, and finding what I needed was not particularly challenging.


I hope my experience will inspire you to take up golfing, and, if you ever visit Wyoming, know that there are plenty of golf courses you can try.